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Touchless Car Wash

Owners Tips

  • Fold extended side mirror in.  
  • Flat bed trucks must be clean of any debris i.e. (sand, dirt, hay and paper etc.) items less than 10 lbs.  
  • Remove any items that extend pass the vehicle. (Ladders, wood or rear mounted bike racks).  
  • Drive into the bay as slowly as possible (inches at a time) for the undercarriage wash.  
  • When approaching the pressure plate on the floor, let go of the steering wheel. This will allow the treadle/pressure plate to guide your vehicle into position safely. Remember to drive very slowly!  
  • Drive under the air dryer very slowly. Once you can feel the air hit the hood, pause for a few seconds and allow the water to be forced off. Now proceed under and through the drying area. NEVER BACK UP!  
  • After the wash, take a few moments to hand dry and touch up. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your cars finish and give a little extra attention to the glass and wheels.  
  • Every once in a while you may find that your car did not wash well. This may have occurred for a couple of reason.  
    • It rained in the past day or so and your car is loaded with road film/oils or road antifreeze applied on winter roads. This causes streaking up the hood and roofline. You should be able to remove this film with a damp cloth.  
    • The vehicle has not been waxed in several months. Remember, just because your car is new does not mean it has been waxed. A professional wax treatment will deep clean and protect the finish, thus creating an easier car to clean.

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