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About Us

Crossroads Automated Touchless Carwash opened in January of 2004 as the only three bay touchless automatic facility in the state. We were received with great fanfare and attracted customers well outside our immediate area. Many of our customers drove past several car washes just to wash with us. The technology, convenience, open bright bays and, most importantly, the quality of the wash impressed our customers. They were confident that the touchless technology would not damage their vehicles. Over the years we swapped out one of our touchless machines and installed a Soft Touch foam cloth machine in order for customers to have a choice in washing technologies.  The Soft Touch machine provides friction for the days customers need more washing power which safely cleans those heavily soiled vehicles more effectively. We strive to keep the wash well maintained, clean and safe.  We are always focused on staying up to date with the latest available advancements in wash technology, both in the equipment and washing chemicals.

Touchless washing technology provides the safest washing method for today’s soft clear coat paint finishes. In many ways, touchless washing is even safer and more efficient than washing by hand. Auto manufacturers are using painting techniques that are far more inferior then just ten years ago, leaving thinner and softer layers of finish. This creates a finish more susceptible to chipping and scratching. Friction cleaning, as used in hand washing and cloth tunnel wash facilities, can transfer sand/grit onto your vehicle leaving fine scratches in your vehicle’s finish, not to mention damaging side mirrors or antennas.


Touchless technology relies on hot water and specially formulated chemicals to break the static bond between the dirt particles and the finish. The friction for washing is created by high-pressure water, which safely removes the dirt without scratching the finish. There is no need to worry about the previous vehicle covered in salt, sand or mud transferring abrasives onto your car, because there are no cloths, which tend to hold onto particles. Crossroads Carwash has invested in only the best equipment available today to perform this method of washing.  We do not use recycled water.  We only use fresh water to wash your car.  Our water is softened and then treated to remove all of its mineral content to make it perfectly clean and balanced (spot free) before being applied to your car.

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