• Why is my vehicle not cleaning well?
    This may have occurred for a couple of reasons:

    It rained in the past day or so and your car is loaded with road film/oils or road antifreeze applied on winter roads.
    This causes streaking up the hood and roofline. You should be able to remove this film with a damp cloth.

    The vehicle has not been hand waxed in several months. Remember, just because your car may be new does not mean it has been waxed. Clear coating is not a wax and only serves as a protective layer, which adds depth of gloss to the paint. A professional wax treatment will deep clean and protect the finish, thus creating an easier car to wash and to care for.
  • After completing the washing cycle and finishing the drying, why is there some soap or foam still on the vehicle?
    This occurs mostly in the colder months. We have to use winter formulated cleaning products in order to prevent freezing. These products tend to be thicker and more difficult to flush off. Vehicles with roof racks, rain gutters, windscreens and larger seams on the bodywork tend to suffer the most. I suggest you focus on the pace that you drive under the dryer. Go very slowly and watch the count down clock at the end of the bay. After the wash pull around to the vacuum area and towel off any excess water.
  • What happens if the machine defaults during a wash?
    If the machine stops in the middle of a wash don’t worry. If an attendant is on duty he will assist you. If no one is on duty at the time, simply drive out of the bay carefully without hitting the wash arms. Avoid exiting the vehicle. The floor is very slippery. The machine will have already notified the operator of the situation. If the vehicle is loaded with soap, simply drive into another wash bay and finish the wash. A customer service phone number is located on the service doors at the entrance of the wash. Please leave a message with the details. A return call will be made to you within the next day. Someone will assist at that time.
  • What are the height and clearance specifications for the carwash?
    • Maximum height 7’2”
    • Minimum ground clearance 4.5” (lowered cars use caution)
    • No snow plows, off road or dual wheeled trucks



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